The living Rock is a place of internal harmonization with oneself and external harmonization with others, the planet and the universe. It’s a place where the energy of the planetary heart unites directly with the cosmic heart.

HARMONY IS CREATED, It IS INTERACTIVE. So you doesn’t come here to this place solely to receive. The harmony of the place comes into being only by means of what the people bring. It is not a hotel where one helps oneself and where one can consume spirituality free of charge in the name of freedom and love.

The living rock is open both the masters and to those without means. All the same, the center can’t exist without money? It is necessary for the running of the place as a whole and also for its upkeep and evolution. One expects that everyone of us will give our contribution according to her best we can. The aim is not a commercial one but we will all have a share in the abundance.

All of us must relearn to evaluate what we receive. Our viewpoint is always limited and conditioned. Let us learn to see the whole. This applies as much to spiritual masters as to aspiring masters.

To become harmonized doesn’t mean that the other person should adapt himself to us. It’s an interactive action which begins with our opening up to others. The imposing of one’s ideas and of one’s own vision is contrary to the expression of the spirit of fraternity to which the place is consecrated by the energy of the heart.

It is a creative place for experimenting the adjusting of our connection with our environment more consciously, also with nature, plants, animals and people in order to be able to practice it at home. It’s not so much the talking which is of importance as putting things into practice, applying what we know. Our contribution isn’t therefore only reduced to our personal needs but also to the needs of all. Thus our contribution for contributing to the harmony is multiple: our presence including the qualities of our hearts, our experiences, our creativity and our talents, our hands, money (see the tariffs), the food (fruits, vegetables, drinks, basic food stuffs). Let’s get into the habit of constantly finding out what’s necessary instead of waiting to be asked.

THE PLACE WILL THRIVE ACCORDING TO WHO COMES.  The quality of life of this place, its evolution and its upkeep depends upon each one of us. Let’s all start with the principal of leaving behind us a richer, cleaner place than the one when we first arrived. Let’s be particularly attentive with respect to the environment, to others and the vital elements such as the use of water and electricity. In particular let’s look after all material things.

HOW WE ARE RECEIVED DEPENDS ON EACH ONE OF US. Try to let us know as exactly as possible the time and duration of your visit (as well as of your meals) and preferably do this personally. If not, our waitings risk, not to be put in consideration. Respect time and respect others.

COMIN HERE TO THE SASSO IS AN ENGAGEMENT. Don’t let’s take this lightly by not sticking to what we have arranged. This will directly or indirectly have consequences on others. By not sticking to our arrangements we could be depriving another person of having the experience.

This place invites us to discover human ecology or the creation of a better relationship amongst ourselves and also with regard to us and our environment. The adjustment of our relationship presupposes the experience of a collective spirit and of being conscious of the forces which dominate us. It’s a task of liberating our collective unconsciousness in relation to the interactive consequences of our individual and collective actions.  Meeting other people enables us to form a richer and more correct discernment. It avoids the confused mixture that we make between spirituality and the live in the material world and it allows us to anticipate, without foundation, our ideals with the real needs for the hole in the present at the physic, emotional, mental and psychic level.

Link: La lumière du living rock